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Workout and Training Guides

Workout and Training Guides

There are countless workout and training guides on the market. Most of them come with big promises to help you look good in the shortest possible time but unfortunately, most of them are not worth the cost and some are even outright scams.

Thankfully, there are some good workout guides available on the market that can help you burn fat and build muscle fast for that perfect body. Here are our 3 top rated websites on workout guides. All of them have good solid history and many happy customers. They will get you in better shape faster and have you living in a much healthier lifestyle sooner!.

The key to building a lean midsection is to not focus on specific regions, but to choose exercises which cause you to bend, curl and twist at the waist all in the same workout. I am going to give you a list of lower ab exercises that cause you to do all three in one workout. You can pick one exercise from each category to build your routine

Just pick one from each and complete the first exercise for as many reps as you can, then move on to the second and third one to complete one set. Do this 2-3 times per workout and you will start seeing those abs in a short time. Switch the exercises up every 3rd or 4th workout to keep your body guessing.


Elevated Ball Crunch

Double Crunch

Exercise Ball Knee Tuck

Overhead Crunch


Hanging Knee Twist


Wood chopper

Windshield Wiper


Dumbbell Side Bend

Side Plank

Oblique Crunch

One Leg Jack knife

This site is being built to help everyone achieve their own personal fitness goals.Included in this site is going to be everything you need in one place. From beginner workouts all the way to advanced routines you will be able to follow or even construct your own programs from all of the exercises listed here.

You will also get in depth info on on nutrition, strength training, home workout programs and even the proper equipment to use. All in all this will be a one stop shop for everything you will need to get started in an exercise program or give you new insight to keep building muscle if your workouts become stagnant.

A little bit about myself, I have been training with weights for about 25 years and in that time I have trained with a lot of bodybuilders and also did personal training at Golds Gym for a couple of years. Trained a lot of friends also on the side. Everything I learned came from asking questions and trial and error. Between reading a lot and trying to workout with the big boys to get insider tips, I gained a lot of knowledge.

When I started training, we did not have the internet where you could ” google” something if you didn’t know anything about it. I wish I had the information available to me that is going to be included in this site.

Enjoy and here’s to you and your new fitness program.